Foodie Boulevard: Happy food for happy people

We believe that taking care of our health is a lifelong journey. And one of the most valuable partners on that journey is the food that we eat.

That’s why we created Foodie Boulevard - a fun and interactive guide for using food as a strategic instrument in health promotion.

We’re here to inspire and empower you to make the most of your relationship with food.

What we do

We help today’s busy person to embrace home cooking.

We teach people to prepare delicious and nutritious meals quickly, stress-free, and on a budget.

We inspire kids to use their creativity in cultivating sustainable healthy eating habits.

How we do it

Workshops that teach practical skills for flexible cooking to newbies in the kitchen
Creative cooking workshops for kids that ignite their natural curiosity for healthy eating
Books with customizable recipes and interactive virtual guides for stress-free and speedy cooking
Blog section with quick and simple vegan, vegetarian, and meat-based recipes that you can easily adapt and modify to suit your needs and preferences

About us

Hi! I’m Sophie – the founder and the creative soul behind Foodie Boulevard.

I’m here to debunk all the myths, clichés, and stereotypes that dominate the modern Health and Wellness industry, and equip you with flexible instruments and adaptable strategies for making the most of your relationship with food.

At Foodie Boulevard, we help busy people with dynamic lifestyles embrace home cooking and realize that it doesn't have to be an exhausting, time-consuming, and stressful household chore.

We want to inspire people of all means, social roles, and cooking skills to cultivate sustainable healthy eating habits that evolve as they do and can be applied at every stage of their lives.

I am a published author, TEDx speaker, and eating behavior architect. I got certified as an Eating Psychology Coach by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Colorado, USA and was selected as an international correspondent to The Dutch Institute of Food and Design.

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