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Foodie Boulevard

Foodie Boulevard is a way of thinking.

It's a place for inspiration and for translating creativity into practical applications.

It's a lens, through which you can view every aspect of your life. And in the center of that lens is food.

But food is not the objective here. It's not the end goal.

It's a byproduct, a side effect, and an instrument for cultivating transferable skills that can help you design a balanced, meaningful, and mindful life inside and outside of your eating habits. Harmony is our destination. Food is our vehicle.

It's so easy to get tempted by the promise of extremes.

Extreme pleasure.
Extreme weight loss.
Extreme eating and exercising habits.
Extreme diets, extreme obsession with following recipes word for word.
It goes on and on.

There's nothing inherently wrong with extremes. The only problem is that they're not sustainable. They don't work in the long run or, in some cases, they have dangerously high opportunity costs.

Foodie Boulevard is all about dynamic balance.

We recognize that everything is impermanent and that the only constant in life is change.

We embrace change and use it as an inspiration and a catalyst for sculpting a responsive lifestyle - a combination of habits, skills, choices, and behaviors that enable you to make the most of your environment at any given moment, not resisting to the changes that you face but adjusting to them as you go.

Adopting the mindset of the dynamic balance allows you to play the long game. It rewires your brain and causes you to gradually transform not just the way you think of food but also reprogram your subconscious urges, cravings, and temptations.

We're not here to tell you what to eat.

We're here to help you realize why you're making the choices you're making, and to help you shake off the autopilot mode of eating.

We're here to help you challenge your convictions about what healthy eating entails.

We're here to inspire you to see the potential role of food beyond the plate and how it can benefit unimaginable aspects of your life.

We're here to empower you to build a unique relationship with food that not only helps you stay in shape and optimize your health, but is healthy for the body and the mind alike.

We're not it here to give you a map. We're here to teach you how to use your unique compass, because if you want to get where you belong, you need a compass and not a map.

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